• Dealing With The Callus Under Your Great Toe

    Having a callus under your great toe is actually a common problem, but it can be especially uncomfortable. This high-pressure area can cause the callus to grow large and painful. Each step can make it feel like you are walking on a rock. In most cases, you can manage the issue and make walking more comfortable. Soak Your Feet You should aim to soak the affected foot at least once per week in warm, soapy water.
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  • Surgery Might Be the Best Way to Treat Your Painful Bunion

    If you have a bunion that causes pain that interferes with your ability to walk or stand on your feet for long periods, then surgery might be a treatment that can help. Your podiatrist will probably try other forms of treatment first, but when those treatments don't work, surgically removing the bunion might be the next option. Here's a look at what bunion surgery entails. Bunion Surgery Is Done in Many Ways
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