Dealing With The Callus Under Your Great Toe

Posted on: 30 July 2019

Having a callus under your great toe is actually a common problem, but it can be especially uncomfortable. This high-pressure area can cause the callus to grow large and painful. Each step can make it feel like you are walking on a rock. In most cases, you can manage the issue and make walking more comfortable.

Soak Your Feet

You should aim to soak the affected foot at least once per week in warm, soapy water. The goal is to remove enough of the callus to make walking comfortable without causing irritation. If you soak your foot for a half-hour, this should be enough so you can peel off the upper layers of the callus. This is a better alternative than using a file or a pumice stone that is more abrasive and can end up irritating the surrounding soft skin. Calluses can seem to return to a painful size quickly, so you may need to soak your feet more often to keep the problem at bay. If soaking your foot is not an option, consider wrapping your toe in a wet cloth while you relax and multitask.

Consider Salicylic Acid

Salicyclic acid can offer similar benefits as soaking your callus, but not everyone can use the product. If you have diabetes or other issues with your feet, it is safer to avoid any acids that might cause damage to your feet. Salicylic acid can be found in different application methods, such as pads or liquid with an applicator brush. The pads are the easiest to use, since you simply peel them off and place them on your callus. Some also provide some cushioning to the area as you wear them. The only problem with this method is that many of the pads are not large enough to address large calluses, or your callus may take an irregular shape.

Using the liquid form allows you to paint the acid directly onto your callus. You will need to repeat the process several times until the upper-layer of the callus can be removed. Stop the process once you can walk comfortably, otherwise you may peel off too much of the callus and end up with a raw area under your toe that must heal.

Use Professional Methods

At-home care for your callus may not be enough since the problem will always return. You should speak with a podiatrist about the problem so they can offer a treatment that might last longer. The podiatrist can use a blade to scrape off the callus in the office. They can usually remove more than you can at home. Once most or all of the thickened skin is gone, they can also prescribe inserts or cushions to reduce the pressure point under your great toe. If you do not address the pressure point, even professional removal of the callus will not prevent its return. In rare cases, there may be anatomic issues, such as deformities, that contribute to unusual pressure under the great toe. This may be an issue that can be corrected so you permanently take pressure off the area, preventing the callus from coming back.

Although it is difficult to eliminate a callus under your great toe permanently, there are ways to walk more comfortably. Generally, keeping the callus trimmed will help you avoid unnecessary pain. For more information, talk to a foot specialist near you.


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