Why Should You Go to a Foot and Ankle Clinic for Your Heel Pain?

Posted on: 14 May 2020

Having heel pain can be excruciating and can cause a lot of debilitating pain. You can have heel pain for a variety of reasons, including genetics or an injury, or simply being on your feet all day. A foot and ankle specialist can help you in many ways to feel better and give your feet the treatment they need. Whether you have heel pain that you have a hard time managing lately or you have been battling heel pain for a long time, you can turn to a foot and ankle clinic specialist for support. Your specialist will assist you in getting the most out of your foot health so you can feel better and be more mobile. Here are reasons why you should go to a foot and ankle clinic for your heel pain.

You Need to Identify What is Causing Your Heel Pain

From heel spurs to normal pain and pressure in your heels, the only way to really diagnose what is causing your heel pain is to see a foot and ankle are specialist. Heel pain is often caused by plantar fasciitis, or heel spurs, but there are other things that can cause heel pain as well. Your foot and ankle clinic specialist will examine your feet to check for signs of abnormalities in the way you use your feet, swelling, nerve issues, and other things. Some heel pain is caused by cysts or other serious conditions, and heel pain often won't go away on its own. Without the right foot and ankle care, your heel pain can worsen or at least continue to make you uncomfortable.

You Need Proper Treatment

There are several ways you can treat your heel pain. You can treat heel pain by having shoe inserts placed in your footwear, having new shoes that have heel or arch supports in them, by having surgery to repair nerve damage or bone problems, or by getting a prescription to help with inflammation and pain. Your foot and ankle specialist has the tools to properly treat the heel pain you have in an effective manner so you not only feel better, but have improvement in your heels as well.

If your heel pain is persistent or has been lasting for some time, it can be considered chronic. You should see a foot and ankle specialist for your heel pain if you have severe pain that keeps you from walking or if you experience fever, bleeding, discoloration in your heels, or illness in addition to your heel pain, see a specialist right away.


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