Helping Your Little One Heal From Toe Or Foot Surgery

Posted on: 4 October 2018

If you will be taking your toddler in to have toe or foot surgery, then you'll want to know what to expect once you bring them home. There are tips and tricks you can use to help keep them settled down, so they heal up properly and feel more comfortable while they are recuperating. Here are some of the tips you'll want to keep in mind when you bring them home.

Have your child moved into your room

Your child will feel more comfortable knowing you are right there with them when they are still recuperating from their surgery. Being in your room with you lets them know you are there for all their needs, so they feel safer and more comfortable. You may not want to have them sleep in your bed with you though, because you may end up accidentally bumping into their foot while you are sleeping.

You can make space in your room to move their bed in there, or you can get a twin-sized blow-up mattress to put in your room while they are still healing up from their surgery. Put the bed as close to yours as you can, without causing it to be a tripping hazard.

Do all your shopping before you take your child in for surgery

By doing all your shopping ahead of time, you can bring y our child home and not have to worry about leaving right away to go get something from the store. This means you won't have to take them back out of the house while they aren't feeling like their normal self or you won't have to worry about having someone come sit with them. They may not even want someone else to watch them when they have just had surgery; you may find they don't want you to be out of their sight for long at all.

Have games to play and things to do with your child

Make sure you have collected a lot of fun games your child can play without getting up and games you can play with them. There are inexpensive games you can plug into the TV without the need for a console, and you can play them with your little one. You can also play fun card games, board games and even do arts and crafts while they are recuperating. You should also have a TV set up that they can watch their favorite cartoons and movies on.

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