The Fungus Among Us: Unsightly Toenail Fungus And How To Treat It

Posted on: 6 April 2017

Toenail fungus, for whatever reason, prefers the nails of older men. (However, it will develop in ladies' and children's nails too, under certain circumstances.) It is really quite unpleasant to see, since it discolors the toenails a hideous dark yellow. To make matters worse, some toenail fungi also make the toes stink. Since fungus typically grows where there is only death and decay, it means that the toenails are quite dead as far as tissue and cells are concerned. That presents a problem because it is difficult to treat fungus in places where medicines have almost no to limited effect. That does not mean you cannot treat your nail fungus issue, and here are some options.

Laser Nail Treatment

A carbon dioxide laser removes layers of dead nail and fungus. After each layer is removed, you apply an anti-fungal nail cream for the prescribed number of days. Then you return for another round of laser therapy. This continues until there are no visible signs of toenail fungus left and only healthy nail is visible. It may take several sessions or just a few sessions, depending on the extent of the fungus in your nails and whether or not the fungus has reached down into the nail bed where there is living tissue.

Oral Medications

Oral medications have to be taken indefinitely when you are treating something that is several feet away from where the medication is ingested. Pills may work on some forms of toenail fungus, but not all. Your podiatrist can take a sample of your infected toenail to examine under a microscope and see if pills may be a good option for your particular type of toenail fungus.

Paint-on Toenail Medication

There are over-the-counter versions and prescription strength versions of paint-on toenail fungus treatments. The prescribed versions are often just stronger versions of the OTCs available. You have to paint this on your infected toenails (like toenail polish) one to four times a day until nothing but clear, healthy toenail grows out. You also have to wait until it dries before putting on socks and shoes, so if you use this particular treatment/medication, you will have to make time in the morning before getting fully dressed and again at night before you go to bed.

Remove the Infected Nails

If this option sounds painful, it is. Your podiatrist may only use this as a last resort. Your infected toenails are removed entirely, and then the open wounds are treated with antiseptic and an anti-fungal medication, continuing this treatment until clean healthy nails grow in.

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